Born and raised in Iran, Mahvash completed her studies in theatre at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Tehran, Iran. Her interest in musical theatre took her to England where she completed her post graduate studies at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

After returning to Iran, Mahvash began teaching Acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Tehran. Mahvash was offered a series of parts and title roles in various stage and television productions.

Her dedication and love of theatre and music ensured continuous activities and participation in theatrical and musical performances in the United States. Mahvash is the founder of the Children Theatre Workshop at the Iranian School of San Diego and has written and produced numerous plays for children.

Mahvash currently resides in San Diego, California. She has performed Iranian Folk and contemporary music throughout the United States and Canada and has participated in several American Musical festivals and events in California. Mahvash’s first CD “KOOCHEH” was released in September 2001. Her second CD “AREZU” was released in March 2005.

Even with her demanding performance schedule, Mahvash has managed to earn her master's degree in Educational Technology and is currently working as a Social Work Counselor for the San Diego Regional Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

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